Tom Collins gin and tonic

The world of tonics has boomed over the last few years. We’ve seen the cocktail world go from a few key players to hundreds of craft newcomers, all vying for space on the supermarket shelves. With such a diverse range to choose from it’s hard to know what’s the best match for your gin. We’ve picked some of our favourites that we think pair perfectly with Fifty Pounds:

Fentiman’s Valencian Orange Tonic Water

Fentiman’s Valencian Orange Tonic Water

Made with sweet Valencian oranges and infused with lemongrass, this is a well-rounded tonic with a touch of quinine that works brilliantly with the citrussy notes of Fifty Pounds. A great, fruity summer tonic.

Luscombe Grapefruit Tonic Water

Luscombe Grapefruit Tonic Water

Made with natural Devon spring water, with gentle citrus and a touch of quinine, this is a delicate tonic perfect for drawing out the subtle, juniper-forward flavours of your Fifty Pounds.

Poachers Irish Tonic

Poacher’s Irish Tonic

Low in sugar and with extract of Irish rosemary, this is great for people wanting a tasty tonic while watching their waistline. The lower sugar also means you get to experience more of the gin’s flavour profile so it;’s also perfect for purists. A very light bubble and a cleap, crisp taste.

Fevertree Mediterranean Tonic

Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water

The daddy of the new craft tonics, sales of Fevertree have soared over the last few years, and with good reason. The Mediterranean tonic has reduced levels of quinine compared to their regular product, and with the addition of lemon and thyme, this is a fresh, herbaceous tonic, perfect for enjoying with a glass in your hand and a sea breeze in your hair.

London Essence Pomelo and Pink Pepper

London Essence Pomelo & Pink Peppercorn Tonic

Citrussy pomelo notes, pink peppercorns for spice and a touch of quinine make this a fabulous accompaniment to enliven citrus gins like Fifty Pounds. A beautiful pale pink, it also makes for one of the prettiest pours out there.

Double Dutch Cucumber and Watermelon

Double Dutch Cucumber & Watermelon Tonic

Cumber is a classic flavour profile for gin but the addition of watermelon gives this an additional depth. Summery with a slightly sweet aroma and a fresh, cool scent, this tonic comes to life with a sprig of mint and a measure of Fifty Pounds.