“Switch one out to make something new.”

What I do quite often when I have the time and nerves to do so is taking classic 3 or 4 ingredient drinks and switch out one of them. Be it the base spirit, some liqueur or just lemon for lime. Here’s one of these – did you have working experiments like this yet?

The White Lady is often done with egg white but mainly about Cointreau as the secondary taste for the Gin base. And while Violet Liqueur definitely is the most instagrammable substitute for it, it’s also the roundest version of it I did yet (trust me, Jägermeister makes this the total opposite of a) good looking and b) a good drink).

Fifty Pounds Gin for floral smoothness and the legendary Bitter Truth Violet Liqueur.

The Recipe

Serving: 1


  • 5cl Fifty Pounds Gin⁠
  • 2,5cl Violet Liqueur⁠
  • 2,5cl Lemon Juice⁠
  • 4cl egg white⁠

How to make or shake it

Shake all ingredients at room temperature until foaming up, add ice and shake again. Strain into a pre-chilled coupe and garnish with…flowers? ⁠

Recipe courtesy of Empire Brick of Gin

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