Small Batch London Dry Gin aged in a single American oak cask which previously contained very old PX Sherry

Fifty Pounds Gin - PX Sherry Cask - Special Edition

Tasting Notes


Thanks to ageing in a Pedro Ximénez barrel, the Fifty Pounds “Cask at the Back” gin has a brilliant glinting old gold colour.

On the nose, the classic aromas of juniper and citrus fruits predominate with hints of wood and toasted oak along with floral notes and delicate hints of raisins, prunes and nuts.

On the palate there is a gentle and attractive sweetness at the start, it is warm, smooth, very complex and balanced with a long finish which leaves a delightful sensation of roundness.

Charless Maxwell signature
Charles Maxwell

Master Distiller

This is a rarity in the world of gin where subtle nuances of the original Fifty Pounds gin mingle with the wonderful notes of raisin, prune and nuts absorbed from the Sherry barrel creating a unique and unrepeatable product.

Fifty Pounds Oak Cask Gin - Special Edition